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Townhouse Living on the rise

The design trends of townhouses are evolving as the market for medium density expands. Zouk Architect’s latest townhouse project reflects just that. Targeting at investor, younger families and downsizing retiree, the simple attractive design offers high quality living achieved with plenty of access to sunlight and air circulation for all the townhouses. We are continuously innovating to make sure that our design reflects developer and consumer’s needs.

The time frame from commencement of design to getting the DA approved is within 5 months period. We also manage to fit in an extra bedroom (5 x 3 bedroom townhouses) instead of as a 5 x 2 bedroom townhouses planned for the neighbour site on the same block size.

Other design fundamentals we strive for including but not limited to – attractive façade, efficient use of space with open-plan living, storage and quality, contemporary kitchen bathroom fittings and fixtures. With it’s approximately 150sqm size, each unit has a highly flexible open plan living/dining/kitchen and good size bedrooms. Plenty of storage are provided and the design also features spaces that blend internal/external and adds to the overall usable spaces. The hit & miss brick wall adds design interest and along with all the rest of added values such as the additional bedrooms, accessible outdoor spaces and visitor parking for each unit sets this development apart from the other similar developments in the area. More value to purchaser means higher return for the developer.

Are you thinking to develop townhouses? Talk to us and find out how we can maximize potential and value of your land.

Duplex development is on the rise.

On 03, Jul 2014 | No Comments | In 1. Planning News, Granny Flat/Duplex | By admin

As the cost of property and land has progressively risen across most capital cities (Especially in Sydney) and the demand of occupant is shifting towards smaller living spaces; the demand for duplex has recently gained momentum. For those who are not familiar with duplex development; a duplex property is effectively two adjoining properties occupying one block or plot of land sharing at least one common wall.

There are a number of reasons why people purchase or build a duplex. The units can be very spacious and are usually much bigger than the average apartment and duplex usually still has good sized private outdoor spaces. Another wonderful thing about a duplex development is that the build costs may not be that much more than building one larger house. However, the land cost is halved for each dwelling.

This is good alternative for those that want to live in a house rather than apartment but find that cost of house is out of budget. Duplex can also help home owner paying for part of the mortgage by renting the other half of the property out to others or for investors to rent or sell both out. Even though it is sharing at least a common wall, each unit of the duplex has its own entrance so privacy is never an issue.

With so many benefits associate to it, no wonder duplex development is set to significantly increase in numbers in 2014/15.



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Little Bay House

On 02, Jul 2014 | No Comments | In Single Dwelling | By admin

The little bay house is one of the recently completed luxury residential house project by Zouk Architects. The project went through complex analysis of the site environments and surroundings, controls and regulations from council as well as the Little Bay design committee. The shape and envelope of the house is naturally formed to complement its sloping site as well as making sure important issues such as privacy and views are well controlled, lighting and ventilation are met according to BASIX requirements.

The design of this coastal home in Little Bay is expressed in horizontal form with strong and minimal design connecting indoor and outdoor living spaces. It is solid and secure, “blocky” in relationship to the ground which is further emphasized with expressed slab/roof profile. Careful attention is put towards the form, variation in materials and color creates interesting juxtaposition of aesthetics variation of the development, without it becoming overbearing or out of context.



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The box house published in Arch Daily

On 07, Oct 2013 | No Comments | In Single Dwelling | By admin

Arch Daily — The beginning of this project goes through complex analysis of the environment, starting with the surroundings directly affected by the conservative town planning regulations. The analyses singled out planning controls positively contribute to the immediate surrounding which determined the final shape and envelope of the building. The building envelope and composition of “The Box House” consists of series of boxes interlocked in an organized and formal manner. The rigid formation, however, is “deformed” with the insertion of an organic element in the form of a bamboo courtyard to the centre of the dwelling. This courtyard serves as an incision to the lineal planning of the dwelling in order to provide emission of natural lights and serves as an extension to outdoor spaces.

Choosing a Site for your Dream Home

On 19, Feb 2013 | No Comments | In 4. Others, Single Dwelling | By admin

There are a few things to consider when choosing property, so your dream home doesn’t turn into a nightmare.  ‘Location, location, location’ is advice you shouldn’t ignore. Make a checklist of your priorities based on needs and lifestyle. Consider infrastructure and proximity to work, school, shops, transport, medical facilities, leisure areas, entertainment, nature.

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