Choosing a Site for your Dream Home

There are a few things to consider when choosing property, so your dream home doesn’t turn into a nightmare.  ‘Location, location, location’ is advice you shouldn’t ignore. Make a checklist of your priorities based on needs and lifestyle. Consider infrastructure and proximity to work, school, shops, transport, medical facilities, leisure areas, entertainment, nature.

Land may be scarce in your desired location, so look at options such as sub-division or redeveloping.

A north to north-east aspect is ideal, allowing maximum winter sun into your home, and minimum in summer. Building means you have some control over which direction your house will face, but choosing a flexible property helps. Is the land sloped or level? Hills can provide a view, but might make building access difficult and result in extra costs. Is the property the right size or shape for specific inclusions? A pool, tennis court, maids quarters, golf course, helipad.. dream on…

Be sure to check the local zoning policies, including industry, housing commission, traffic, as the view you see today, may not be there tomorrow.

It’s important to take note of legal limitations and regulations. Does the land have an easement? How far inside boundaries must the house be? Is it in a bushfire zone?

Confirm that electricity, gas, telephone, water, sewer and storm water utilities are available for connection in the street.

Inspect the soil and drainage. Bring in a geotech engineer to determine what’s beneath the surface. You don’t want to build on unstable land. To be safe, you could make the test results a condition of the sale eg. rock can create additional building costs. Inquire into the lands previous use, if any industry history, insist on an EPA report (Environment Protection Authority).

Tick these boxes, and you are well on your way to making your dream home a reality.

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